Military Benefits

At WBU San Antonio, we understand the unique challenges that military personnel face while pursuing their education. We take immense pride in being your best option for completing your degree, even in the midst of PCS and deployments. Our face-to-face and flexible online programs are designed to accommodate your demanding schedules and geographical mobility, ensuring you can continue your education without interruption. With dedicated support services tailored to military students, we are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals, no matter where your duty calls.




Please fill out our online VA Certification Form to get things rolling! Upon completion of the form please turn in to the Business Office prior to registration!

VA Cert Form


Virtual Center of Excellence for

Veteran Student Success

V-CEVSS is here to help you boost your academic performance and well-being. Access free mental health counseling, seminars, tutoring, and join a supportive virtual community tailored for veteran and military-affiliated students.

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*Because Wayland Baptist University is a private institution, we do not participate in the Hinson-Hazelwood Act.