Emergency Information


Local Police Department     806-296-1182
WBU Police Department, Mike Allen     806-774-4225
Dean of Students, Brad Miles  806-291-3750
Director of Counseling, Teresa Moore     806-291-3764
Coordinator of Housing Services, Glynn Boydston    806-291-3766
Director of Health Services,  Coralyn Dillard 806-291-3763
Athletic Director, Rick Cooper    806-291-3801
Director of Human Resources, Ron Appling     806-291-3451


Local Police Department     505-823-4455
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Tom Fisher     505-323-9282
John Corvino     505-323-9282 (faculty and member of Albuquerque PD)


AFB Security Forces     580-481-7444
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Jerry Faught    580-481-5243 or 580-649-2229
Fort Sill Site Coordinator, Tom Condry     580-481-7428 or 580-649-0656


Local Police Department     806-378-3038
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. J. B. Boren     806-352-5207
James Tudman     806-353-5207


Local Police Department     907-786-8900
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Eric Ash     907-375-4515
Anchorage/Wasilla Site, Linda Hoffman     907-373-4828


Local Police Department     575-769-1921
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Gary Mitchell     575-763-0535


Local Police Department     907-459-6507
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Eric Ash     907-375-4506
Beth Durban     907-377-4398


Local Police Department    808-723-3609
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Dan Jacobson   808-488-8570


Local Police Department     806-775-2410
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. David Bishop     806-742-9514


Local Police Department     602-262-6151
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Andrew Marquez     602-279-1011    
Downtown Site, Kevin Downing     602-279-1011
Luke AFB Site Coordinator, Kevin Downing     623-935-6274

San Antonio

Local Police Department     210-227-7201
Campus Security     210-590-5637
Campus Security Officer, Rogue Cantu     210-667-8799
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173
New Braunfels Site, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173
Lackland AFB Site, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173 or Dr. James Walker Todd     210-279-5341

Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca

Local Police Department     520-458-3311
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Glenn Simmons     602-279-1011
Barbara Lopez     520-459-6111 or 520-533-1047
El Paso Site, D. Todd Jones     915-755-5100

Wichita Falls

Local Police Department     940-720-5000
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Dean Daniel     940-855-4322
Call Field Site, Lois Barnes     940-696-0404
Sheppard AFB Site, Dr. Dean Daniel     940-855-4322