Applied Learning

At Wayland, students engage in a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities. Whether it's an internship, research, professional project, study or service abroad, or all of the above, experiential learning activities will help you build valuable knowledge and skills as well as your resume.

Student Teacher working with students in an applied learing situationProfessional Internships

An internship brings a practical perspective and invaluable experience. Wayland students participate in internships with leading companies and organizations, working alongside professionals in their field in a real-world work environment.

Undergraduate Research

Wayland students are able to work side-by-side with faculty in high-level research. These close student-faculty relationships prove helpful when students seek letters of recommendation from professors for graduate or professional school.

Hands-On Projects

Students at Wayland often collaborate on team projects. These hands-on learning experiences provide valuable lessons in teamwork, communication, and leadership - practical skills students will take with them into the real world.

Experiences Abroad

Through our study abroad program and international learning opportunities, students may find themselves on a theatre tour in London, studying great literature across Europe, immersing in language study in Costa Rica and China, and much more.

Mission Opportunities

At WBU, students across all disciplines are actively involved in missions. Our students serve as the presence of Christ in counties across Texas and in countries around the world.