Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

You are eligible to receive a diploma from WBU only after you have done the following:

  • Completed all academic/degree plan requirements** - including UNIV 1101, GRAD 0001, residency (WBU courses), upper-level hours, and non-junior college hours. Masters level graduates must complete a comprehensive exam or capstone course prior to receiving a graduate degree.
  • Submitted all official documentation of transfer credit.
  • Met all deadlines regarding submission of applications, documents, etc.
  • If undergraduate, achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater in all of the following areas: 1) Overall cumulative, 2) Wayland courses, 3) major field of study, and 4) minor field of study (if applicable).
  • As of Catalog Year 2015-16, A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (2.0 for Master of Divinity) on a 4.0 scale computed on all graduate work taken at Wayland. For degrees other than the Master of Divinity, no grade of less than C and no more than six (6) semester hours with the letter grade of C earned at Wayland will be accepted as credit for any master's degree. No course with the grade of less than B (C for Master of Divinity) will be accepted as graduate transfer credit.
  • Paid off any account balance (or provided the necessary documents to receive tuition assistance prior to the stated deadlines).
  • $50 for Re-Application fee, $20 to have a Diploma and/or regalia shipped to personal address.

Refer to the Academic Catalog for more information.

If you believe you are close to graduation, you are encouraged to visit with your academic advisor to review your degree plan. If you apply for graduation and do not complete all academic requirements or do not provide documentation by the deadlines, you will be required to re-apply and pay the re-application fee of $50.

**Note: If you intend to change your major or minor, add an Associate's degree program, you must complete a Change of Degree/Major/Specialization form with an Academic Advisor. This must be done at least eight (8) weeks prior to your applying for graduation. Double-check with your advisor to ensure an official degree plan is on file with the changes you requested before submitting an Application for Graduation.


If the answer to all of the following questions is "Yes," you can be confident in submitting an Application for Graduation. If "No," you must meet with your Academic Advisor before applying.

  • Have you completed all of your academic requirements or will you complete them next term? (Graduation applications should be filed during your second-to-last semester.)
  • Undergraduate students: Have you achieved a 2.0 or greater GPA in your major, minor, and Wayland work?
  • Graduate students: Have you achieved a 3.0 or greater GPA in your major, minor, and Wayland work?
  • Have you provided all documentation of transfer work or will official, sealed transcripts be received by the San Antonio campus at least five (5) weeks prior to the end of your last semester?
  • Have you passed all CLEP® and DSST® exams you plan to take and will official transcripts be provided by the documentation deadline? (The most common thing that prevents a person from graduating is a failed CLEP® or DSST® test.)
  • Have you been fully admitted to your desired degree program(s) (indicated by the receipt of a Permit to Enter and an official degree plan)? Potential AAS grads who add the degree program through their Academic Advisor must wait at least eight (8) weeks before completing an Application for Graduation to allow for the admittance process.
  • If you applied for re-admission this term, have you received confirmation of re-admittance (the receipt of a Permit to Enter)?
  • Are you satisfied with your major, minor, and degree programs? Allow at least eight (8) weeks for any changes submitted through an Academic Advisor to take effect and a new Degree Plan to be issued (check with your advisor before completing an Application for Graduation).
  • Are you within the 7 years allowed to complete a degree under a particular catalog? Conversion to a new catalog year may result in additional degree requirements.
  • Is your account current or are you making timely payments through Financial Services?


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