Title V Resources and Opportunities

"Bridge to Success" (July 20th,2024- August 10th,2024)

Introducing our esteemed 3-week summer bridge program, generously funded by Title V, which provides a comprehensive variety of preparatory classes (English and Math workshops), our acclaimed Basic Achievement Strategies for College course (BASC1200), and many enjoyable activities and events. This initiative is meticulously crafted to empower students with essential skills and bolster their confidence prior to embarking on their journey in the Fall semester. Participants have the opportunity to cultivate their collegiate skills while earning their first two college credits entirely tuition-free. Given the exclusive nature of the program, enrollment is limited to a select group of 25 students.

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Support from Student Mentors/Tutors

Gain access to personalized guidance from our team of student mentors/tutors who are dedicated to facilitating your success throughout your academic journey. Whether it's creating short and long-term goals, offering tutoring sessions for assignments and exams, collaborating on study techniques, extending invitations to social outings such as dining or attending Wayland athletics events, or fostering invaluable friendships, our mentors/tutors are committed to cultivating a robust support network to ensure college success.

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Academic Coaching

Our academic coaching services are tailored to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the array of resources available on campus. Our coaches provide unwavering support and encouragement while aiding you in honing skills that extend beyond the confines of your college journey. From goal setting and time management, to presenting effective study methods, stress alleviation techniques, mindset development, and identifying strengths and weaknesses, our coaching sessions are designed to empower you with the confidence and proficiency needed for sustained progress and success.


Student Success/Disability Services

The Disability Services office at WBU is dedicated to furnishing assistance and accommodations to students with disabilities. Our institution is firmly committed to ensuring equitable access to superior education for all students. Beyond serving as advocates for students with disabilities, our office of Student Success collaborates closely with faculty and staff members to monitor students' academic advancement and foster an environment conducive to a positive educational journey.



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