Admission FAQs

How do I arrange for a campus tour?

Arranging a campus tour is easy. Just call the Admissions Office at 1-800-588-1928 or 806-291-3500. We'll work with your schedule to arrange for a recruiter to show you and your family around campus. You'll hear all about admissions, financial aid, housing, and meals. Also, if we know about your visit a few days in advance, we'll be able to schedule an academic advisory session for you with a faculty member in your area of interest.


How do I get an application fee waived?

Application fees may be waived:
• as the result of a campus visit before you apply
• as the result of a school counselor's written verification of  economic need


How might I get my previous college transcripts evaluated at Wayland?

In order to get your transcripts evaluated, you must first apply to Wayland and pay the $35 application fee.


Why must I get a meningitis vaccination?

Meningitis Vaccine Information


What are the deadlines for applications?

It's best to call the WBU campus in which you are interested in attending to learn about deadlines as they vary by campus and degree program. For the Plainview campus, applications are actually accepted until the first day of class. Consideration for admission to the university, however, is not possible without our having received all official documents, such as transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.


How do I reach the athletic staff?

All athletic staff may be reached through emails and phone as noted at our athletics website. Too, you can send your athletic and contact information to the coaches by completing our Prospective Athlete Form.


How can I afford college?

More than 95% of WBU students rely on a combination of scholarships, grants, work study, and loans to pay for tuition, room, and meals. The main thing to remember is that you don't have to find all of the aid all by yourself. Our Admissions and Financial Aid staff will help you in navigating the process to apply for assistance. Check out our Financial Aid information.


Do I have to pay everything at once?

After you have enrolled in your classes for the semester or term, you will receive a statement or bill showing your balance. You may pay all of the balance by the first day of classes or you may pay your balance in three payments as directed by the WBU Business Office.


What must I do to maintain my academic scholarships?

Scholarship maintenance is dependent on your semester's grade point average (GPA).

If you receive a scholarship for one semester, but fail to maintain the required GPA for that scholarship, you will not be awarded the scholarship for your next semester.