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Wayland Baptist University utilizes Higher One (CashNet) for student payments on accounts. With this service, we no longer accept credit or debit payments made in person or over the phone. Cash and checks are still accepted in person at the campus Business Office, or checks accepted by mail. Students wishing to utilize a credit or debit card for payment on their student account will need to log on at MyWBU  to make their payment.  Please be aware that Higher One (CashNet) assesses a 2.75% non-refundable processing fee for credit and debit card payments.  No fee is assessed for payments online utilizing an electronic check.

Payment Options:

Three payment plan

A $50.00 payment plan fee will apply to all payment plans. The university payment plan requires a minimum of 1/3 payment of expenses (after guaranteed financial aid) by the first day of class. The second payment is due one month after the first day of the term and the final payment is due two months after the first day of the term or prior to registration for the next term.  If your employer, the VA, or tuition assistance pays part of your tuition, the three payment amounts are adjusted accordingly. You may incur a $50.00 late fee added to the amount due if you fail to make timely payments.

*Important Information You Need To Know (Quick Guide)*
  • Payment 1: Due FIRST DAY of the term
  • Payment 2: Due NO LATER than 30 Days after first day of the term (Late fee assessed Day 31)
  • Payment 3: Due NO LATER than 60 Days after first day of the term (Late fee assessed Day 61)


Tuition Refunds:

  • 100% of tuition refunded if dropped prior to first class meeting.
  •   75% of tuition refunded if dropped 1-7 days after first class meeting.
  •   25% of tuition refunded if dropped 8-14 days after first class meeting. 
  •   10% of tuition refunded if dropped 15-31 days after first class meeting.
  •     5% of tuition refunded if dropped 32-47 days after first class meeting.
  •     0% of tuition refunded if dropped 48 days or more after first class meeting.

**For detailed information on payment and refund options see the catalog here.

*Note: Students registered for a course will receive a grade for that course unless a signed drop form is received by the WBU office before the last day to drop. Your instructor CANNOT drop you from a course!

VA/Military Tuition Assistance 

  • Apply for Tuition Assistance through your Education Services Office on your military installation or through their prospective websites. You can email your approved Tuition Assistance form to or bring it by the Business Office. Please submit the TA form prior to the start of the term. You will be responsible for paying any remaining amount.
  • VA BENEFITS:  Contact the Business Office to request the necessary form or click HERE. You may also speak with the VA coordinator and request assistance obtaining and filling out this form. Turn in the completed forms to the Business Office at registration.
  • ACTIVE DUTY:  Tuition Assistance pays up to 100% of tuition not to exceed the government cap currently set at $250.00 per credit hour. You will need to pay any remaining portion at the time of registration either in full or by using the three payment plan. 
  • VETERANS: You must have remaining eligibility to receive VA benefits. 
                          VA Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab for disabled veterans.

Employer Assistance

  • Check with your employer to see if your company has a tuition assistance or reimbursement program. If your company pays Wayland directly, regardless of your grades or whether or not you complete the course, you may register with a voucher. If they reimburse you after you submit your grades, you will need to pay Wayland when you register.

*For any questions, call (210) 826-7595 Ext 3, or if you prefer, email us at


  • Civilian Employer Tuition Assistance -
    If your employer pays Wayland Baptist University directly, you will be required to present a validated voucher or check at the time of registration. You will be responsible for paying any remaining amount. If your employer reimburses you upon completion of the course or at some time after registration, you must pay the amount due at the time of registration.

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