Faculty and Staff


Dr. James Antenen

Executive Director/Campus Dean of the San Antonio Campus

Dr. Diane Frazor

Dean, School of Nursing

Marilyn Layne

Executive Assistant

Abigail Burkett

Administrative Assistant



Dr. Lee Ann Lung

Associate Dean & Assistant Professor of Nursing

Terri Dutton

Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Charlene Smith

Associate Professor of Nursing

Jennifer Becker

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Dr. Keri James

Professor of Education

Dr. Dee Dolan

Associate Professor

Dr. Ben Craver

Professor of Religion

Dr. Jimmie Flores

Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Keri James

Professor of Education

Dr. Mee-Gaik Lim

Professor of Counseling/Psychology

Dr. David Maltsberger

Professor of Religion

Dr. Robert G. Morris, III

Professor of Business & Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Tim Parker

Professor of Business

Dr. Sylvia Phipps

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Jerry Price

Professor of Education



Carl Beard

Site Director, New Braunfels

Courtney Burke

Admissions Secretary

Roque Cantu

Patrol Officer

Liz Conforti

Test Center Administrator - Lackland AFB

Virginia Craver

Academic Advisor

Russell Cruzan

Site Director - New Braunfels

Sara Davis

Administrative Assistant

Kami Fiedler

Site Coordinator, Boerne

Dr. Linda Flores

Academic Advisor

James Fuller

Bookstore Manager

Sharon Godwin

Records Secretary

Carolyn Hardin

Site Coordinator - Randolph AFB

Darryel Johnson

Admissions & Recruiting and Veteran's Relations Manager

Giovanna Lacey

Records Secretary

Margie Malacara

Financial Aid Advisor

Makenna Maloy

Site Coordinator and Graduation Auditor Supervisor

Vickie Maupin

Records Manager

Dr. Richard McCutcheon

Site Director Rio Grande Valley

Ronnie Medina

Institutional Advancement and Marketing Coordinator

Christina Orosco

Director of Institutional Advancement and Marketing

Liza Ozuna

Assistant Records Manager

Carlos Perez

Facility Maintenance/Custodian

Marisa Downey

Administrative Assistant and Recruiter

Leti Rangel

Academic Advisor, Rio Grande Valley

Kenneth Reyes

Director of Student Services

Mary Reyes

Site Coordinator, Callaghan Tower

Stephanie Reyes

Site Coordinator

Paul Rodriguez

Information Technology Manager

Tami Sanders

Testing Operations Manager

Meredith Schnuriger

Academic Advisor

Candace Schwartz

Academic Advisor

Nicole Stout

Records Secretary

Viopapa Taeleifi-Afalva

General Accounting Administrator

Michelle Vinarskai

Bookstore Associate

Debbie Howelton-Wilson


Marjorie Yandell

Business Office Manager