With small class sizes and a strong family atmosphere, students in the School of Mathematics and Sciences are part of a community that strengthens their learning experience and prepares them for graduate school and for their future careers. In addition to excellence in our academic programs, we identify the following as distinctives of our School:


Undergraduate Research

We intentionally engage students in scientific research in our classes and outside of the normal course framework to prepare them for success in their chosen career path and to promote critical thinking skills.



Our courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and geology emphasize field experience whenever possible and appropriate. In addition, each of our disciplines now encourages and supports student participation in regional and national scientific meetings.


Integration of Faith and Science

Required of all majors and most minors in M&S, our Faith and Science Seminar (MSCI 3101) has proven to be very effective in challenging students to consider how success in the sciences and personal faith are complementary.


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