Housed in the Moody Science Building, Wayland’s labs are designed to meet the needs of students in biology courses, as well as those studying chemistry.

Our laboratory space includes a separate lab for general, analytical, organic, and physical / instrumental laboratories.

Our growing list of modern chemical instruments includes: PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption/Emission spectrometer, PerkinElmer PC-controlled FTIR, PerkinElmer PC-controlled gas chromatograph with both capillary and packed column capability, ThermoSpectronic PC controlled UV-Vis spectrometer, a PC-controlled Shimadzu LC20AT HPLC with SPD-S20A photodiode array detector, and a StellarNet fiber optic UV-Vis capable of transmission, reflectance and spectral radiometry.

Our graduates are thoroughly trained on these instruments and are readily able to enter the professional chemistry community where these types of instruments are now everyday tools.