The BAS degree is a minimum 124-semester hour program. A minimum of 36 semester hours must be in upper-level (junior/senior level) credit.

Credit from CCAF is typically applied to the Wayland degree in the following manner:


  • Technical Education - 24 hrs
  • Physical Education - 4 hrs
  • Leadership, Mgmt, & Military studies - 6 hrs
  • Oral Communication - 3 hrs
  • Written Communication - 3 hrs
  • Mathematics - 3 hrs
  • Program Electives - 15 hrs


  • Specialization Electives - 18 hrs and Professional Development - 6 hrs
  • EXSS - 3 hrs and Electives - 1 hr
  • Professional Development - 6 hrs
  • General Education Speech - 3 hrs
  • General Education English 1301 - 3 hrs
  • General Education Math/Science/Foreign Language - 3 hrs
  • Professional Development - 6 hrs and Electives - 9 hrs

Depending on the elective credits transferred in from your CCAF degree, you will have no more than 48-55 semester hours remaining to complete the BAS degree.

The following additional courses are required for graduation:

@Must be taken within first year of enrollment.
*Students may opt to test out of COSC 2311, see course description.
**Wayland Baptist University will not accept RLGN 1301, Old Testament History, or RLGN 1302, New Testament History, or their equivalents, from any institution except other Baptist universities.
In no case will either of these two courses be accepted if they were taken by correspondence or on the Internet. The School of Religion & Philosophy must approve any exception to this policy.

Click here for a sample degree plan.

For more information contact the AU-ABC representative at the WBU Campus nearest you.