Tutoring Appointments

Scheduling Appointments:

Step 1: Fill out the Tutorial Request form

Step 2: An MTS staff member will email you available appointment times 

Step 3: Respond to the email with your appointment time of choice

Step 4: Receive a confirmation email with appointment details


Types of Appointments: 

We offer three types of appointments to meet the tutoring needs for all of Wayland's students: face-to-face, online, and e-tutoring sessions. Find out more about these sessions below!


Face-to-Face Appointments

Face-to-Face appointments are available for students on the Plainview campus to meet with a tutor in the MTS office on the second floor of the Mabee Learning Resources Center (library). To see our office location within the library and find out what to expect for a Face-to-Face session, please watch our video.

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E-Tutoring Appointments

Designed for students with busy schedules, this type of appointment is not conducted in real time; rather, a tutor will review the assignment or lesson within 24-hours of the appointment time and will then provide feedback through a recorded video and/or notes inserted in the student’s assignment document. The student may then review the feedback at his or her convenience. For more information on e-tutoring appointments, please watch our video.

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Online Appointments

Transition in progress. Once it is complete, students will be able to meet with a tutor live on the internet through two-way video and/or live chat communication.