Tutoring Appointments

Welcome to the Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services!

Scheduling Appointments:

Step 1: Fill out the Tutorial Request form

Step 2: An MTS staff member will email you available appointment times 

Step 3: Respond to the email with your appointment time of choice

Step 4: Receive a confirmation email with appointment details


Types of Appointments: 

We offer three types of appointments to meet the tutoring needs for all of Wayland's students: Face-to-Face, Online, and E-tutoring sessions. Find out more about these sessions below!


Face-to-Face Appointments

Face-to-Face Appointments for Plainview Students
MTS Office: 2nd floor Mabee Learning Resources Center (Library).
Please watch our video to learn more.

Video on Face-to-Face Appointments


E-Tutoring Appointments

E-Tutoring Appointments: Not conducted in real time.
To understand how this works, please watch our video.

Video on E-Tutoring Appointments


Online Appointments

Zoom, Online Appointments (Not available for writing/resume appointments).
Scheduled according to Plainview campus time - Central Standard Time (CST).
For more information on online appointments, please watch our video.

Video on Online Appointments