Women's Residence Halls

Women's Residence Hall




Residence Hall Amenities:

Each residence hall has coin operated washers and dryers (students can get quarters from local banks).

Each room comes with wireless Internet, as well as Internet hookups.

Telephone service for dial-tone units is available in each room, with a competitive long-distance service (students must provide their own phone).

Drink and snack machines are located in each residence hall.

*Alcohol, tobacco and firearms are prohibited in the dorms.


Private Rooms

Private Rooms are assigned as availability allows. Residents will be assigned roommates based on answers from the Housing Application. Private Rooms are charged $266 as of Census Day each 16 week term to anyone who is in a room without a roommate. Private Rooms are not guaranteed from one term to the next. Wayland reserves the right to assign roommates without prior notice as listed in your Occupancy License Agreement in the Housing Application.