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The Core Mission Fund supports every facet of Wayland, from undergraduate student research to special scholarships that support our main MISSION: to educate students in a Christian environment. Your gift matters! Your support of the Core Mission Fund allows Wayland to build a more robust framework that reinforces the CORE of the university and is the foundation for donor support at Wayland.



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Growing up in a small town, Kari Mathews faced unique challenges, nearly losing her life as an infant. She was born with parasites that destroyed her body’s ability to create digestive enzymes. As a child it was nearly impossible for her to eat, doubling over in pain with any kind of food. She was left small and weak. But when she was in 7th grade, she met a doctor who worked diligently to find a solution to her problem. Through his work and the grace of God not only did she survive, but she also thrived, growing into a vibrant, active young woman who participated in high school athletics and activities. She continues her active lifestyle in college where she is a cheerleader and runs half-marathons for fun.

Through it all she developed a passion for learning and a passion for helping others. Kari plans to become a pediatric surgeon so she can help young children who find themselves in impossible situations. Just like one doctor helped her.


Did you know?

Many people are surprised to learn that Wayland receives less than 1% of its operating budget from churches.

Through their payment of tuition and fees, students contribute 79%. The remaining 20% comes from university investments and gifts from people like you.

You can see why giving to the Core Mission Fund is so important to our students. It:

  • provides institutional scholarships
  • enriches programs
  • maintains existing facilities
  • enhances technology

Your gifts truly make a difference in the lives of our students and ensure Wayland remains an outstanding educational value. At Wayland Baptist University, every dollar you give is deeply appreciated.