Recruit for Wayland

Tell your Wayland story!

You know people who would benefit from the Wayland experience. Here's how you can bring your story and these friends together!

You are our best advertisement. Here are some simple tips you can use to recruit great students like you to our Wayland programs, using the Alumni Recruiting Kit (ARK). Need an ARK of your own or want to replenish the cards in your ARK? Contact us at the phone or email below and we'll get one to you right away!
  • Share your personal story in a five-minute elevator speech format. The goal is short and sweet, and folks can ask more questions if they wish. Here are some things to include:

    • What did you study and which campus did you attend?

    • What did you love most about your Wayland experience?

    • For Plainview alums, what were your favorite traditions, classes, aspects of campus life?

    • For external campus alums, what were your favorite classes, professors, aspects of the WBU offering that were particularly helpful to you?
    • Be positive and authentic!

  • Explain why you think the prospect might be a good fit for WBU. That could sound something like this:

    • "Mrs. Jones, I know you and I share the same values, and you'll appreciate sending your son or daughter to a place that shares those beliefs like Wayland."

    • "With your academic strengths, you may be able to qualify for some great scholarships based on your test scores."

    • "I know you love athletics, and Wayland has some great sports team you can try out to join."

    • "I know you work full-time and need a university that caters to working adults. Wayland's evening and weekend courses are great for your schedule."

    • "I know you don't live near one of our Wayland campuses, but you can earn a complete bachelor's degree and several graduate degrees completely online through those programs." 

  • Don’t worry about not knowing every detail about what Wayland offers now. Direct them to the QR code on your recruiting cards which features our admissions information regardless of campus and answers all questions. It'd be a great idea to peruse that page yourself so you know what they can expect. The page includes a form that collects basic information so they can get the right resources from someone in the Wayland system. 

  • Check out the videos here for some examples of role-playing these experiences:   Alumni Recruiting Tips     Tips to Recruit to Other Campuses & Online

Need more help? Reach out to the Alumni Office:

Office of Alumni Relations
1900 W. 7th St., CMB 1291
Plainview, TX 79072
(806) 291-3600