The Psychology program at Wayland opens the door to learning about the mind, brain and behavior of people. People with degrees in psychology often work directly with people in need, and this rapidly growing field offers opportunities for students to serve God and help people in many ways. WBU’s bachelor's degree in psychology is a well-rounded program aligned with recommendations from the American Psychological Association, meaning our graduates are well-prepared to succeed in a variety of academic and career pursuits. We offer students a wide range of courses that emphasize exciting, scientifically-validated knowledge and research, as well as applied skills and opportunities for real-world experience. Whether you wish to go directly into the work force or further your studies in graduate school, Wayland’s Psychology program helps prepare you for that next step into your future.

Learning Opportunities

Our Psychology classes are geared towards practical experiential learning and provide opportunities for our majors to visit work sites, conduct research, and practice important career skills. Most of our Psychology faculty actively work as counselors in our community and have strong working relationships with a wide variety of local agencies. This allows them to create many opportunities for hands-on experience for our students, including semester-long internships, where students can learn directly from people who work in the field.


Career Opportunities

Case Manager
Domestic Violence Advocate
Child Life Specialist
Family Therapist*
Grief Counselor*
Special Victims Advocate
Sports Psychologist*
Substance Abuse
Community Services Manager
Victim Assistance Coordinator
FBI Agent
Child Protective Services
Management Analyst
Community Organizer
Probation Officer
Human Resources
Correctional Officer
Health Services
Public Relations
Forensic Psychologist*
* Graduate Degree
Usually Required

Degrees Offered

We recognize that everyone’s circumstances and educational needs are different, which is why we offer the Psychology major both face-to-face and fully online to offer a variety of opportunities for you to complete your educational goals.

Students who graduate with a degree in Psychology may also pursue graduate degrees in some of the following areas: Counseling, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Health and Human Services, and Psychology.

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