Criminal Justice Administration


A degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Wayland offers a broad range of career possibilities and experiences. With multiple fields of study within the criminal justice system, our students have opportunities to impact society in numerous ways. Whether serving as advocates and public defenders in court, helping rehabilitate juveniles and adults on probation and parole, or serving as law enforcement personnel at the local, state, or federal level, our graduates impact the daily lives of people all around the world.

Our Criminal Justice Administration students have the opportunity to take classes from a diverse range of faculty, not just in the traditional fields of law and law enforcement, but in social work, counseling, human services, public administration, psychology, and sociology. Our faculty members consist of both current and retired lawyers, judges, assistant district attorneys, military officers, law enforcement officers, politicians, licensed professional counselors, social workers, emergency response personnel, alternative dispute mediators, and public administrators. We also have a full-time Title IX expert who has developed the curriculum for our Special Victims and Investigations Specialization. This unique approach goes beyond a mere understanding of the law and how it applies to criminal offenders and helps prepare students to understand people better as a whole. In that process, our students can begin to see how the criminal justice system can work to bring about positive change in their community and within the broader scope of society.

Learning Opportunities

At Wayland, we believe hands-on experience is vital to a student’s education, which is why we offer practical learning opportunities for our students. Our Criminal Justice Administration majors can take part in mock trials, analyze simulated crime scenes, and participate in a Practicum course, which gives them the opportunity to intern with a local agency in their chosen field. Our students have interned with local law enforcement, judges, lawyers, crisis agencies, and more. In addition to their internship hours, students will conduct job searches, complete mock applications and resumes, and attend a mock interview with their professor as practice for pursuing a career after graduation.

In addition, we recognize that everyone’s circumstances and educational needs are different, which is why we offer the Criminal Justice Administration degree both face-to-face and fully online. Students also have the opportunity to attend evening classes at several of our campuses. With our traditional BA and BS degree options, as well as a BAS degree geared towards working adults, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to complete your educational goals.






Students who graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration may also pursue graduate degrees in some of the following areas: Legal Studies, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Law School, Human Services, Counseling, and Forensic Science.


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