U.S. Border Patrol Partnership

Wayland-Tucson has partnered with the U.S. Border Patrol to provide the best Criminal Justice program in Southeast Arizona.




To provide you with the best possible service, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for a free evaluation at (520) 792-1506.

To ensure the most accurate evaluation, we recommend individuals bring along the following information:

  • Border Patrol Certificate
  • Border Patrol Academy Curriculum
  • Copies of college transcripts
  • CLEP/DANTES exam results
  • AARTS/SMARTS transcripts for all present and prior military service members


These documents help the academic advisor determine the approximate number of college hours earned and how these earned college hours apply toward a particular degree program.

Wayland Baptist University awards up to 12 additional credit hours for work experience.

You might be closer to your degree than you think!