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The Wayland-Tucson teaching site has been serving the higher educational needs of the Tucson metropolitan area since 2007. We focus on the adult learner with a commitment to the University's mission to educate students in a learning focused, academically challenging and distinctively Christian environment. At Wayland-Tucson, you will find an unparalleled college experience.

Our teaching facility meets the needs of military students along with the needs of civilian nontraditional students by offering five, 8-week sessions with courses that meet in the evening.

In 2008, our Broadway facility opened near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in order to better service military students, and in 2010, we began offering courses at the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site. A crosstown agreement between Wayland-Tucson and AFROTC was completed in 2012. In 2020, we moved onto the west campus of El Camino Baptist Church.

To learn more about the Wayland-Tucson teaching facility or about Wayland Baptist University, feel free to call and set up an appointment today.


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