Proctored Exams

Students are responsible for finding and receiving approval for proctors to monitor exams. Proctors should be acquired and approved at least one week in advance of your test. If you foresee an issue with obtaining a proctor, please begin the process as soon as possible to avoid missed exam dates.


Proctor Approval Request Form

Be sure to review the approval process and proctor qualifications described on this page before submitting a proctor approval request.

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Proctor Approval Process

1. Identify an appropriate proctor based on the proctor qualifications and guidelines.

2. Fill out and submit the proctor approval request form. You will need to know your proctor's name and email address in order to complete the request.

3. An email will be sent to your proctor. It will contain a link to their portion of the approval request form. Let your proctor know this email is coming. We cannot proceed with the approval process until your proctor completes their portion of the form. If your proctor does not receive the email, please contact WBUonline at or 806-291-3740.

4. Upon receiving your proctor's information, WBUonline will process the request within two business days.

5. Both you and your requested proctor will received an email informing you whether your request was approved or denied.

Approved proctor requests:

Upon approval, your proctor will receive instructions about how to retrieve your exam information. Contact your proctor to schedule a time to take your exam. When scheduling your exam, please inform your proctor of the following the course code (ex. RLGN1302, MATH1304, etc.), instructor name, and exam name (ex. midterm, final, exam 3, etc.).

On the day of your test you will need to bring a photo ID with you to the testing site. You may also need to bring lecture notes, pens/pencils, an approved calculator (cell phone/tablet calculators are never approved), and scratch paper if instructed to do so by your professor.

You may not bring a cell phone, purse/bag/backpack, unauthorized paper, notes, or books with you into the testing room. Any unauthorized items may be left in a secure area the proctor designates.

When you arrive at the testing site, your proctor will check your ID and have you sit at a computer. You will log into your account on Blackboard, navigate to your exam, and read the instructions. When you are ready to begin, your proctor will then enter the password for the exam. When you are done testing, alert the proctor and logout of Blackboard.

If you are taking a paper exam, please write legibly and with a heavy hand so that your writing will be readable by your instructor after it has been scanned into the computer.

Denied proctor requests:

If your proctor was denied, please review the reason given in the denial email and the qualifications for acceptable proctors. Choose another proctor and submit a new request.

If you wish, you may contact WBUonline and provide more detailed information that could clarify your request and change the outcome. WBUonline reserves the right to uphold the denial if we feel the proctor is not suitable.


Proctor Qualifications and Guidelines

Acceptable proctors must meet the following qualifications:

  • Proctors must have knowledge of and experience administering examinations.
  • Proctors must have current employment in higher education, library science, or a related field on a full-time basis with a professional reputation.

Based on the criteria above, acceptable proctors are:

  • WBU testing centers, campus computer labs, or library (does not require request form)
  • Wayland staff, faculty, and directors (requires request form)
  • Librarians holding the Master of Library Sciences distinction
  • Authorized employees at U.S. Military Education Centers
  • Authorized employees at university/college testing facilities
  • Full-time faculty members at another university or college

Exceptions to the above list will not be favorably considered.

Unacceptable proctors:

  • Relatives, friends, neighbors, or other students
  • Anyone employed by the same company/organization as the student
  • Anyone lacking a suitable testing environment
  • Anyone without a valid work-issued email address and telephone number

Requested proctors who fall into any of these categories will be denied, even if they meet the other qualifications to be a proctor.

You may not be your own proctor.


Finding a Proctor

Finding a proctor is easier than you may think. Wayland has options for students all over the world. In most cases a proctor request will need to be submitted. For more information on finding a proctor, click on the statement below that best describes you:


What is a proctor?

A proctor monitors a student during his or her exam. The proctor will check the student's ID before testing, ensure exam instructions are followed, and must be present during every part of the exam. All proctors must be approved by WBUonline.


Do I need a proctor?

Some instructors require the use of a proctor for exams such as midterms and finals. However, not all online courses require a proctor. To see if your class will require a proctored exam, please check your course syllabus or the WBUonline Term Schedule.


Do I have to find my own proctor?

Yes, students are responsible for securing the services of a proctor and should seek approval of their proctor at least a week in advance of their test. The proctors will not receive access to test instructions until they have been approved by WBUonline.

Please make sure that your proctor is able to administer tests online and is using a computer with reliable access to the Internet. If he/she is not, you will need to find another proctor unless your instructor has provided a paper version of the test.


Can I use the same proctor from a previous class or for multiple exams?

Once a proctor is approved, he or she may continue administering tests throughout the semester without re-approval.

However, proctors must be re-approved each term. If you want to use the same proctor in a new term, simply submit a new proctor approval request. Using the same name and email address for the proctor on the request will help ensure that it is auto-approved.


What do I do if I have not heard back about my proctor request?

If you have not received a response from WBUonline regarding your request within two days of submitting it, please contact your proctor to verify they have received the email with their portion of the form, filled it out, and submitted it for approval. If they have not received the request, please call the WBUonline office at 806-291-3740 and ask to have the request resent.


The testing center I want to use charges for proctoring services. Who should pay?

You, the student, are responsible for any fees associated with your selected proctor.