Tabletop Gaming

Take your game to the next level! Wayland’s new tabletop gaming degree will prepare you to create, design and market your gaming ideas. Through the program, you will develop a prototype of a game that is marketable to producers.

This Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree is a viable degree that lends itself to a variety of career options. Tabletop Gaming is a specialization within the BA degree.

Our approach to the unplugged community of gaming was to design a degree that directly meets the needs of those who wish to pursue gaming as a career.

You will take courses in history, computer graphic design, storytelling, communications and marketing that are geared toward game development. Along with the required gaming curriculum, you will choose the courses necessary to complete your degree requirements.

The core curriculum provides a background in the humanities that lends itself to a wide variety of career options.

We also offer a number of activities for the gaming community: 

Gamer’s Guild

You can be a part of the unplugged community by joining the Gamer’s Guild student organization at Wayland. Experience the exciting world of tabletop gaming with like-minded members of the student body. 

Maker’s Guild

Wayland’s 3D printing lab allows gamer to design their own game pieces. Take advantage of the Maker’s Guild to create pieces specific to your gaming idea.


Think Con on a personal scale. The Gamer’s Guild will be heavily involved in the planning and implementation of this pop-culture festival scheduled for October 30.


For those gamers who enjoy electronic gaming as well, you can try out for Wayland’s Esports team. Our gamers compete in the Mother Ship, taking the gaming battle online.