WBU Visual Identities

Visual Identity Quick Reference

Need help? Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. vaughng@wbu.edu or pettyj@wbu.edu 

These university marks are federally trademarked and are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They have been restored to their original vector format. Make sure your documents use the official marks with the ® symbol. Logos are available from the Office of Marketing and Communications for approved uses only.

University Policy 7.4.1 and 7.4.3 states that any printed, video, or web material produced for distribution, must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to production. 


The University and Academic Logo WBU Logo
The Athletic and Spirit Logo Athletic logo
The Presidential Seal
The Seal is reserved for the President and Board of Trustees use.
Presidential seal


academic logo academic logo
academic logo academic logo


Print Colors
CMYK Values

WBU Yellow - Gold
C = 0
M = 16
Y = 100
K = 0
Pantone = 109-C

WBU True Blue
C = 100
M = 67
Y = 0
K = 23
Pantone = 293-C



Web or Mobile
RGB/Hex Values

WBU Yellow - Gold
R = 229
G = 195
B = 0
Hex = #e5c300 

WBU True Blue
R = 0
G = 72
B = 144
Hex = #004890


Quick Reference Guide

Visual Identity Handbook