Creation Care

Care of Creation

A growing number of Christians are coming to recognize that our ever-expanding global human community and desire to accumulate material goods can be harmful to the world around us.

Evidence accumulated by the scientific community establishes that we are now the most dominant species the Earth has ever seen! Our cities, factories, farms, and land use practices disrupt habitat and displace uncounted numbers of species, resulting in a projected species extinction rate constituting a global-scale catastrophe for the biosphere; we have redistributed species around the world to the detriment of native species; we manufacture and release to the environment chemicals that in the absence of human industry would not otherwise exist on this planet; and the various byproducts of our economic prosperity degrade the air, water, and soils upon which our livelihood and the survival of other species depends. Moreover, even though some remain skeptical, the vast majority of climate scientists and ecologists say the evidence supporting significant global climate change is undeniable.

There is hope! It lies in the growing re-discovery among Christians that we are called to care for God's creation. Christian environmental stewardship is not a new issue, nor is it a liberal or conservative issue. It is also not "worshiping creation." Christian environmental stewardship - creation care - is a biblically-based way of living, a way of discovering, and a way of honoring the Creator that glorifies Him and better serves the needs of those less fortunate.

Thankfully, Christians are also taking action, as demonstrated by the commitments made by Wayland Baptist University and many other Christian Universities and organizations to promote environmental stewardship through institutional action and academic programs. Also, the number of missionaries focusing on environmental projects is growing - see for example the website for Renewal Home (, Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies (, and other organizations.

At Wayland, we are eager to serve our Creator by being more responsive to Him, and more responsive to our brothers and sisters around the world whose lives are less abundant, less secure, and less hopeful than ours because of environmental degradation. We welcome your prayers and support for the success of our programs.