Kira Using Her Gift to Share the Love of Christ

PLAINVIEW – To say that Kira Weatherton has had an impact on the world around her would be an understatement. With a brilliant smile and the personality to match, Kira (K-EYE – ruh) has become a fixture on the Wayland Baptist University campus. Whether she is leading a study group, singing in chapel, taking part in student activities, or working with the junior high youth at First Baptist Church in Plainview, Kira can always be found making those around her feel comfortable and sharing her faith.

“I get to help lead others to Christ and that is such a big thing,” she said.  

Kira wasn’t always focused on a higher calling, however. Growing up in Clarendon, she sometimes used her influence for less noble pursuits. She went to church with her family and was baptized when she was in the second grade, but her purpose and understanding were missing.

“In my junior high years, I was kind of a bully,” she said. “I was prideful, kind of the leader of the pack. The other girls would follow me around.”

Things changed for Kira when she heard the story of another Christ follower.

“I heard this testimony of a woman from Zimbabwe,” she said. “She tried to commit suicide three times … She had a lot of miscarriages … She had the roughest life. Then she came to God and God showed up for her. That was my turning point.”

A stellar high school athlete, Kira joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) as a freshman and was challenged by the leader of the group to give her testimony or offer a message. Kira felt a call to share, but apprehension of speaking in front of a group of high school kids who were older than her kept her on the sidelines.

“I prepared my message and everything, then I started to freak myself out,” she said. “I was a freshman, and the majority of those people were juniors and seniors, and I was terrified. So, I thought maybe I will do it next week. I kept putting it off until I just didn’t speak.”

Kira got involved in church and began leading the junior high youth, developing her speaking skills. She continued with FCA and as a junior took over the group when the group leader graduated and moved on. She began speaking at FCA, finding her comfort zone. She rededicated her life to Christ and took an active role in not only sharing with those around her, but also focusing on her personal relationship with God. Between her junior and senior year in high school, Kira attended youth camp. As she joined in singing a worship song, two girls turned to her and told her she had a beautiful voice. Having never thought of herself as a singer, Kira realized that the comment was meant for something more. It was God, speaking to her.

“I realized that I had a gift, and my gift was my voice,” she said. “Whether it is to pray, I’m a big prayer girl, whether it is to preach or whether it is to sing.”

Kira continued to develop her voice, speaking at FCA meetings, delivering messages to her youth group, and starting an FCA worship team that brought together several musicians and vocalists of different ages. Under her leadership, Clarendon’s FCA program grew. In 2020, Kira was named Clarendon’s FCA Female Athlete of the Year.

Kira was an all-around athlete in high school, playing every sport. She had plans to go to college on a basketball scholarship, but a serious knee injury her senior year forced her to refocus. She originally had no plans to attend Wayland. Her older sister had run track for WBU and ending up transferring to another university. Kira, however, admitted that she is nothing like her sister. While her sister wanted a larger community with more opportunities, Kira is happy just spending time with friends and enjoying simple things.

She talked to a Wayland recruiter at a college fair and eventually ended up trying out for the cheer team. She made the squad and committed to Wayland.

Through it all, Kira realized God is working in her life. Looking back, she could see how her past experiences prepared her for each new challenge that lay ahead. She carries that with her today as she continues to branch out in her personal ministry, leading Bible studies, preaching for her home church and for a youth group in Amarillo that requested her.

“Over time I just realized how much God was qualifying me for the next thing,” she said. “He qualified me all through high school. Now I am in college and still singing for three worship teams. I’m preaching for a youth group in Amarillo. I preached for the first time at my church over the Christmas break and that was amazing because I’ve always wanted to do that.”

A molecular biology major, Kira is very involved on campus at Wayland. She is President of the Student Union Board and an active member on the Student Government Association, Council of Student Organizations and Baptist Student Ministries. She is a cheerleader and member of the chapel worship team, and she sings with the BSM worship group. She spends her time either at early morning cheer practice, in class or working a campus job in student activities where she gets to talk to other students when they visit the office. It’s a dream come true for the admitted extrovert who loves meeting new people.

“It has been amazing here and I definitely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said. “I’ve really had the time of my life here. I found amazing friends. I have an amazing church where I get to serve. My main purpose in life is to be able to serve others and just love people as much as possible.”

Upon completing her degree, she hopes to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. She has always wanted to work in the medical field and loves to work with children. But whatever the future holds, Kira knows that her greatest calling is to use her voice to share her faith with others.

“I love that I’ve finally found the gift that God gave me,” she said.