Students Continue Go-Green Initiative

PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University’s Enactus student group continues to pursue its go-green initiative by encouraging students, faculty and staff to reduce, reuse and recycle. While making drastic changes is difficult, Enactus is hoping people will make choices that benefit the environment.

The student entrepreneurial group recently installed its fifth drinking fountain with a refillable water bottle station. Four of the stations have been installed in buildings on campus and one at the local YMCA. The latest installation is in the south hallway of the Harral Fine Arts Center. Other stations are located in the Nunn Business Building, university center and the Laney Student Activities Center. The newest station was made possible by a grant from Sam’s Club 8270 in Lubbock.

Wayland senior Ariel Marquez said the latest installation is part of an initiative that Enactus began several years ago.

“We are trying to reduce trash and waste and trying to get more people on campus involved with recycling and taking better care of our planet,” Marquez said.

Along with the water stations, the Enactus group petitioned the City of Plainview to repaint several recycle bins located on campus and update the signage to make them more noticeable.

“We want people to know those are used specifically for recycling and hopefully we can get more people on campus to be aware of that and not throw their trash in them,” Marquez said.

The recycle bins are blue dumpsters located behind Gates Hall, the library, Jimmy Dean Hall and the student activities center. The bins are meant for cardboard, paper, recyclable grade plastic and aluminum.

Jackson Kent, a junior business administration major, said they are trying to make it easier for people to make environmentally friendly decisions.

“People don’t like to do the extra work to separate trash or refill water bottles,” Kent said. “If people don’t have a convenient way to refill their water bottle, they will be more inclined to carry around disposable bottles. We are just trying to make it convenient for the individual. It’s probably the best way to encourage recycling or reducing waste in general.”

Enactus, an international organization that focuses on Entrepreneurial Action for Us, brings student, academic and business leaders together to experience social impact and social enterprise through action. The group is open to all students regardless of their academic focus.



Photo: Members of Wayland’s Enactus student group continue their go-green initiative with a new refillable water bottle station located in Harral Arts Center. It is the fifth water station that has been installed as part of the project. Enactus members are Jackson Kent, from left, Kayla Cobbley, Ariel Marquez, Flor Pantoja and Santiago Hernandez.