Root Lays the Groundwork for Seeking the Love of God

Watch Dr. Jerry Roots' Chapel Address


PLAINVIEW – Dr. Jerry Root, author, speaker, teacher and authority on the life and works of C.S. Lewis, headlined the Willson Lectures at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview last Tuesday and Wednesday. Root spoke to several classes and lectured on understanding the love of God and the addressing the problem of evil at a dinner Tuesday evening and chapel service on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Root challenged those in attendance to understand and accept the simplicity of God’s love, pointing out that His love is not based on what we do, but He loves us in spite of what we do.

“I think fundamentally all of us are awkward. We will stumble and make mistakes,” Root said. “God loves us and encourages us to get better.”

Root pointed to Lewis’ writing, saying he disagrees somewhat with the author’s conclusion that pride is the greatest sin, saying that pride comes from a sense of insecurity and fear, leading people to make themselves attempt to appear better than they really are. He said this fear comes from not understanding God’s love.

“The greatest sin is to live in neglect of the perfect love of God,” Root said.

In chapel, Root spoke on the problem of evil in the world through Lewis’ writings. Root said Lewis addressed the age old question of why a God who is good would allow bad things to happen.

Root pointed out that Lewis’ writings show God to be good and all-powerful and as such, there can be no contradiction to His character. In essence, if God is expected to prevent evil, then He would have to prevent all evil, including the sinful actions of everyone. This would curtail free will and would not allow individuals to grow and strengthen their character, becoming more Christ-like in their actions.

“If the consequences of free will are removed, then free will is removed,” Root said.

Root also pointed out that God takes the bad in life and creates good. He challenged those in attendance to think of the worst thing that has ever happened to them, then continue to list those. He said he has asked this question of many different groups, including people in cultures where persecution is rampant. Root said he seldom finds anyone who can list more than 10 things. He then challenged people to list all the good in their lives. Inevitably, the good far outweighs the bad.

Throughout Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, the author touches on this theme as Aslan, the lion Christ figure guides the children through Narnia, allowing them to make choices and face the consequences of those choices. Through it all, however, good is manifested by moving forward.

“God makes good from the bad,” Root said.

To watch Root’s chapel presentation, visit Wayland’s YouTube channel and click on the chapel playlist.