Wayland Focused on Christian Faith in 2021-22

Fuel the FlamePLAINVIEW – With face masks in place and the threat of the COVID pandemic still present, Wayland Baptist University faculty, staff and administration gathered on Wednesday as a group for the first time in two years. The meeting is held at the beginning of the academic year as employees prepare to welcome students back to campus.

While the university plans to conduct business as usual with some COVID protocols addressing health and safety concerns in place, the focus this year will be to “Fuel the Flame” placing emphasis on the university’s Christian faith and heritage. Addressing the faculty and staff, WBU President Dr. Bobby Hall emphasized the importance of spiritual development on campus, encouraging them to take part in weekly chapel services and prayer times.

Donnie Brown, director of spiritual life, outlined the theme that is based on Leviticus 6:13 where God instructs Moses to make a sacrifice and that “the fire shall be kept burning on the altar continually; it shall not go out.”

“As our world grows more and more secular and moves further and further away from Christian principles, our Christian faith is even more important,” Brown said. “We need to fuel the flame.”

As part of the spiritual emphasis, light pole banners have been placed around campus emblazoned with an image of the Kaltwasser flame that adorns the library, the Leviticus 6:13 bible verse and the words “Fuel the Flame.”

“Fuel the flame in your classroom, in your office, on the athletic field, in the gym, wherever you are,” Brown said. “Fuel the flame.”

Brown continued by quoting Romans chapter 12 where Paul tells the Christians in Rome to present themselves as a living sacrifice as worship to God.

“How do we fuel the flame?” Brown asked. “We offer ourselves as a sacrifice saying it’s not about me, it’s all about God.”

As part of the them, Brown said the university will host a service day at which time students and employees will gather to carry out service projects submitted by local organizations. The day is scheduled for Sept. 25.