COVID Protocol Remains in Place at Wayland

In response to Gov. Greg Abbott ending state mandated COVID protocols on March 10, Wayland Baptist University President Dr. Bobby Hall released a statement saying Wayland's protocols will not change in the immediate future.

"Wayland's position has always been, at a minimum, to follow CDC guidelines which at this time still recommend the safe practice of wearing face coverings and other COVID-19 protocols like social distancing and hand washing," Hall said in a statement. "Therefore, for the continued safety of our students, employees, and guests, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and the current practices which have allowed us to keep our COVID-19 numbers low and our campuses open. That includes wearing a face covering."

Wayland currently requires masks to be worn in all university buildings with social distancing protocols in place. Visitors to campus are also required to wear masks. Event protocols will remain in place for all events on campus, including athletic events and graduation which is scheduled for April 24.