School of Music Offering Mini Lessons to the Public

Have you ever wondered how many different ways there are to count music in a measure? Or what is a conductor trying to communicate with every motion he makes? The School of Music is starting a new venture in an attempt to answer these questions and many more. "Music in Minutes" will debut on Tuesday, Jan. 19, with the first mini music lesson being released on social media. The idea is to bring music to the masses and give people a first-hand look at how music intertwines with day-to-day activities and culture.

You'll find out interesting facts about music history, different styles of piano playing in a worship band, tips for singing opera, and where the popular show tune "Do-Re-Mi" came from ‑- here's a hint, it wasn't Julie Andrews. Are you familiar with the musical impressionistic era? And what the heck is a harpsichord, anyway?

Led by the School of Music faculty, a new lesson will be published on social media every two weeks, and you can help us spread the word in a few easy steps:

We hope you enjoy these mini lessons. We think you'll find them to be a good resource for musical information, and they will give you an opportunity to learn more about our faculty and what they do.