Official Statement Regarding Racism

Many events occurring today serve to remind us that the issue of racism still remains among us. Racism in all of its forms is wrong and we recognize there is so much more to be done. We must listen to each other. We are asking for God's wisdom and guidance as we seek to address the issue of racism.

As Christians, we are called to live in peace and harmony with one another. We are also called to uphold what is right and just. Racism is sin and each of us should seek a path that is right and just through scripture reading and prayer, earnestly seeking God's wisdom.

Wayland will continue to value real conversations that lead to change. We desire to be the hands and feet of Christ in a broken world. Wayland has a rich history of embracing change, including change related to racism. I pledge to you that in the coming weeks the Wayland Family will have meaningful conversations to further explore and understand these important issues and identify ways to make Wayland a place that will, to an even greater degree, shine an even brighter light in today's world.

Bobby L. Hall, Ed. D.

President, Wayland Baptist University