New Degree Focuses on Mission in Business

The School of Business at Wayland Baptist University is offering a new degree that focuses on building strong businesses on Christian principles. The new mission in business degree is offered in collaboration with the School of Christian Studies.

Students will be able to take Mission in Business as a specialization to their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree or they can enroll in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Mission in Business program. The BBA is a traditional business degree while the BAS is geared toward adult learners who can earn college credit for work experience and training.

Dr. Kelly Warren, Dean of the School of Business, said development for the degree began after attending a Business as Mission conference. According to their website, Business as Mission is a worldwide movement to build sustainable Christian businesses, and to affirm Christian businessmen and women and help them understand God's redemptive work through business.

Wayland's degree focuses on two key areas: giving students the education they need to make a successful business, then teaching students how to incorporate their faith and mission into what they do. Warren said the degree specialization will follow the components developed by Business as Mission. Those components include developing a commercial, for-profit business venture and is Christian led. The business must be intentionally devoted and deliberate in spreading the gospel through business.

Students interested in the BBA degree will take a business core curriculum along with 21 hours (7 classes) of theological studies from the School of Christian Studies. For the BAS, students will take the business core along with 18 hours (6 classes) of theological studies.