Master of Arts in Management, M.A.M.

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A master's degree in management is available online or face-to-face through the following locations:

About this Program

The master’s in management is designed to prepare students for the challenges of management in the 21st Century. This program meets the needs of working professionals who are looking to advance their careers as managers and business leaders.

By focusing on developing leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills, the Master of Arts in Management degree fosters the freedom to accomplish tasks, set goals, and develop relationships necessary for professional success and advancement. The program integrates a well-rounded academic approach and offers several specializations.

The master’s in management program requires 39 semester hours of coursework, compiled from foundational and core courses, like Research Methods and Strategic Management, and field-specific courses from the student’s chosen specialization.

  • Organization Management - Specializing in organizational management prepares individuals for career entry or advancement in the broad field of business management. Through this program, students develop the planning and decision-making skills necessary to manage finances, raw materials, and information while building invaluable interpersonal and communication skills through interactive study.
  • Human Resource Management - Recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management for meeting professional training criteria, this program stresses recruiting principles as well as the importance of employment law and diversity in the workplace and can lead to many professional certifications.
  • Healthcare Administration - Develop the leadership and organizational expertise necessary to break in or advance to the management level of the Healthcare administration field by earning one of several professional certifications offered through this program. A master’s of management in Healthcare administration builds the professional communication and interpersonal skills necessary to effectively manage the human element of the Healthcare field.


The M.A.M. requires 39 credit hours.  There are three areas of specialization; Health Care Admin, Human Resource, and Organizational Management.

Here is an example of the M.A.M. Healthcare Admin. degree plan.


Core Courses

24 hours of core courses are required; Business Admin., Management, and Management Information Systems.