Justice Administration, Forensics Specialist, B.S.

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Administration, Forensics Specialization is available at the following locations:

About this Program

The Forensics specialization in the justice administration degree is geared toward students who wish to explore criminal law and investigation. This degree prepares students for careers as crime lab forensic scientists, crime scene investigators or death investigators. Students interested in this pat are encouraged to consider a double major in either chemistry or molecular biology.

Courses for this degree specialization include criminal law, criminal investigation, forensic psychology, an analytical study of murder, and more.


The Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration, Forensics Specialization requires 124 course hours. 30 hours of Justice Administration Forensics courses are required.

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The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

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  • Anti-money laundering operations analyst
  • ATF agent
  • Bailiff
  • Background screening analyst
  • Computer forensic specialist
  • Conservation officer
  • Digital Forensics examiner
  • Federal Air Marshal
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent
  • Homicide Detective