Christian Environmental Stewardship at Wayland


As a Christian university, Wayland Baptist University is committed to protecting the earth and natural resources that have been entrusted to the current generation to ensure plenty of the same for the generations that follow.

To that end, Wayland has included in its current strategic plan, titled "For Future Generations," a segment about sustainability efforts across the system to improve practices by employees and students. The goal is to increase "green" initiatives on all campuses to conserve resources and reduce waste.

This focus at Wayland includes several ongoing programs on various campuses, including a full-blown recycling effort, energy-saving measures in various facilities and the development of an environmental science major on the academic side. In addition, special speakers and Bible studies have been held on campus to further explore the themes of Christian environmental stewardship.

In conjunction with the City of Plainview Recycling Center, a campus "Green Group" was established in 2009 to explore various sustainability efforts. In 2009-10, the Plainview campus underwent a full lighting retrofit which will increase substantially the energy efficiency of the campus and is projected to save more than 646,000 kilowatt hours annually. That fall also saw a new recycling effort on the campus with large black bins placed in every building for ease in recycling. Fall of 2010 saw additional blue bins placed in various campus locations as well.

At the same time, the Wayland Baptist University Geological Society (WBUGS) became an active organization on campus, organizing several community clean-up efforts, a community survey on recycling and a forum with other city entities about sustainability efforts. The Students in Free Enterprise group began a monthly drop-site for outdated medications and syringes to be properly disposed with the city, protecting the city water supply.

Recycling and other resource conservation efforts will be extended to all of the other 13 Wayland campuses and locations.

Future plans at Wayland are to host a Green Day on campus with various emphases and activities to be scheduled. Additional Bible studies and chapel speakers are being considered as well to keep the issue in front of the student body and employees.

The university has now established a community garden project in 2011. The idea was originated to use the garden for educational purposes while also providing vegetables to those in need. The garden is completely organic and uses compost heap; which is created by using scraps from the cafeteria, averaging 5 cubic feet per week, and used coffee grounds, about 20lbs every two weeks. Recently, 60 lbs of used pumpkins were added to the compost mixture.

The garden grew from a small patch of raw earth to a developing network of raised beds producing hundreds of pounds of fresh, tasty, and healthful produce that has been donated to local food banks and social service agencies. The organization's efforts have been recognized with community development grant money that was used to build the raised beds, improve the fertility of the soils in the garden, provide a drip irrigation system, and build ample storage for tools, etc.

The project continues to thrive with a new initiative to collect rain water. Tanks to store the water have been purchased and gutters will soon be installed to catch the rain fall, which will then be used to water the garden.

Bean Plant- 2014

These pages detail the university's recycling program and other sustainability efforts. Thank you for helping us stay green at Wayland.