Bachelor of Christian Ministry Online

If you’re an individual who wants to make a difference in the world, has a heart for ministry and wants to learn and gain experience explaining what you believe, a Christian ministry major may be the perfect degree for you.

Wayland Baptist University is among the best accredited Christian colleges in the United States with an extensive undergraduate and graduate program tailored for students who want a more family-like experience when it comes to learning.

The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree (B.C.M.) is a minimum 124-semester hour degree designed to afford both academic and professional depth for individuals who possess recognized competence in a ministry. The degree integrates university degree requirements with appropriate experience. A minimum of 36 semester hours must be in upper-level credit (courses numbered 3000 and above). This degree is designed for those who come into the degree with experience in the churches or other related ministry.

For individuals who want to become a Christian ministry major, but may not be able to follow a normal school schedule, Wayland Baptist University offers students online degree programs where they are able to learn on their own with the same information and materials as in-school students. Online degrees are opening more opportunities for working individuals or those with hectic daily schedules to enroll in school and earn a degree.


Components of the Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree include:

General Education Core Course Requirements
@ENGL 1301, @1302
HIST 1303 and 1304, or 2301 and 2302
MATH 1304 or higher
#EXSS 1112 and two activity courses (one fitness, one recreation)
**RLGN 1301, 1302
POLS 2301
COMS 1301, 1303, 2302, or 2303
*COSC 2311
***Ministry related courses.
ORIE 0001 or UNIV 1100
GRAD 0001 or GRAD 4101

*Students may opt to test out of COSC 2311, see course description.
**Wayland Baptist University will not accept RLGN 1301, Old Testament History, or RLGN
1302, New Testament History, or their equivalents, from any institution except other Baptist
universities. In no case will either of these two courses be accepted if they were taken by correspondence. The School of Religion & Philosophy must approve any exception to this policy.
***Any combination of Literature, Foreign Language, Art/Music/Theatre, Philosophy, Ethics,
Economics/MGMT 3304/MGMT 3339, Psychology, Sociology, Organizational Behavior.
#A maximum of three hours credit in activity may count toward the 124 hours required for a
degree. Students who have served two or more years in the Armed Forces are exempt.
@Must be taken within first year of enrollment.

Academic Major

A student seeking the B.C.M. degree will complete the appropriate
major requirements as outlined in the School of Religion and Philosophy section.


The student may complete the minimum of 124 semester hours required for the
degree with courses which complement or extend career preparation or to pursue subject fields which hold special appeal. However, before using elective semester hours, students should check with their advisors to ensure that the hours are indeed elective and that upper-level semester hour requirements for graduation are being met.