Law Enforcement and Corrections Scholarship Programs

We know it's hard for officers and agents to balance life, work and family. The thought of starting or going back to college might seem impossible, but it's not. At Wayland, we shorten your time to a degree by awarding maximum credit for your experience, offer online classes that fit your schedule, and help you pay for it by awarding a scholarship that you earn every day by putting on your uniform. 

 Wayland offers the following four scholarship and academic programs to those who serve our communities and country:

Law Enforcement (non-federal)
College credits awarded: 12 hours for four years of work experience and 11-34 hours for POST (or similar) academy completion, depending on state requirements

Active dispatchers in the state of Texas qualify for this scholarship. Dispatchers will receive 6 hours of college credit for Basic Certification and 8 hours of college credit for Intermediate or higher certification. They will also receive 12 hours for four years of work experience.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)
College credits awarded: 12 hours for four years of work experience and 9 hours for Pre-Service training

U.S. Border Patrol
College credits awarded: 12 hours for four years of work experience and either 22 or 34 hours for Border Patrol academy completion, depending on date of completion

U.S. Marshal
College credits awarded: 12 hours for four years of work experience; 13 hours for Basic Deputy Marshal Training and 15 hours for Criminal Investigator Training

College credit awarded for work and training experience is only applicable to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree. Students pursuing an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree may also qualify for similar, smaller amounts of credit.

2021-22 Scholarship Amounts

Employees and Spouses:
  • Undergraduate online classes: $128 per credit hour
  • Undergraduate in-person classes: $94 per credit hour
  • Graduate online classes: $149 per credit hour
  • Graduate in-person classes: $121 per credit hour
Dependent children
  • Dependent children attending the Plainview residential campus: $1,000 per 16-week term.

All scholarships can be applied to ANY of Wayland's many degree programs, associate to doctorate, so you are not limited to fields related to your job. Neither full-time nor part-time status is required for employees and spouses.  Full-time status is required for dependent children attending the Plainview campus.

These scholarships also apply to your spouse AND your children as long as you are actively employed, and can be used by multiple family members at the same time with no problem.

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Scholarship details:

  • All students must meet admission requirements and be fully accepted to WBU before scholarship can be applied.
  • Proof of employment will be required and may take the form of a recent paystub or a signed and dated letter from HR showing active status.
  • The scholarship may be applied to tuition, fees, books, dorm costs and meal plans, as needed based on other forms of aid. No rebate check will be issued based on this scholarship.
  • In order to use the scholarship for books, students must order their books through a Wayland bookstore and charge the amount to their student account.Law Enforcement Officials