Dr. Scott Franklin

Ministering through Mathematics


Dr. Scott Franklin graduated from Canadian High School in 1994 and later graduated from Wayland in 1998 with a double major in Religion and Mathematics. He later attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a Masters in Mathematics in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2005.

However ever since he was in high school, Franklin always felt a call to the ministry.

“At the time, I believed that meant I was supposed to be a pastor.  Once I got to Wayland, I saw professors who came from all disciplines, each involved in ministry in their own way,” Franklin said.  “For example, my professor and mentor, Dr. Phil Almes demonstrated to me that you could be a professional educator and mathematician and still be a minister to your students.  He along with many other professors taught me that your faith integrates with every area of your life, including your profession.”

It was Dr. Almes who actually encouraged Franklin to apply for a mathematics position at Wayland.

“I knew someday I wanted to end up at a school like Wayland, where I could teach, conduct my research, and share my passion for mathematics, all while pointing students to Jesus Christ,” Franklin recalled.  “I had no idea God would call me back so soon.  Both times that God opened the door for me to come to Wayland, following His lead was the best decision I ever made.”

Franklin added that the thing he likes best about Wayland is the passion that the people have.

“It is a joy to come to work each day and join in serving with like-minded people who care so deeply for accomplishing God’s mission.”

Franklin also stated that he enjoys seeing the light bulb turn on when his students understand a concept but that there’s another moment that he lives for as well.

“...when [students] finally move beyond the rules of the game and realize that they can DO something with what they just learned.  It’s like a portal to a whole new world opens up and that’s what I live for.”

One thing that Dr. Franklin tells his students on the first day of every course he teachers is that he is inspired to study mathematics because it’s the language of science, which in turn is the study of God’s creation.

“We learn about the Creator by studying what He has made.  The fact that we can understand the laws of nature and predict outcomes in the world around us tells me that the Creator wants us to know Him. The fact that the universe obeys predictable laws tells me that the Creator is a faithful God who will remain firm in His promises.”