Dr. Deidre Redmond

Expecting the Unexpected

Dr. Diedre Redmond

Dr. Redmond grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Adrian University, a small, liberal-arts school, as a McNair Scholar for her bachelor’s degree. The McNair program helps first generation, low income, minority students get into graduate school through different training programs. Through that process and experience, she fell in love with sociology. After graduating in 2005, she pursued her master’s and Ph.D. in sociology at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

After completing her degree in 2013, Dr. Redmond worked at Murray State, a university with more than 10,000 students, but found that it wasn’t the best environment for her style of teaching and her class size preferences. In the process of looking for a position that fit better, she came across Wayland. She felt drawn by the Christian aspect of Wayland and the opportunity to really mentor students.

“That Wayland is a Christian university is a draw for those of us who see their job as more than just the transference of knowledge, because with a demographic of students who are 18 - 21 on campus, there’s more development and mentorship that’s happening outside of the classroom that students need. But when you work at a big school, you don’t have time for that… I needed a job that would allow to do something like that and teach.”

When talking about teaching, she says that she most enjoys the students who “break through the barrier;” she likes getting to know about their lives, not just their academics. In the classroom, she loves the unexpected.

“The things you can’t anticipate about each new group of students, every semester--fall to spring-- and the fact that I have to make adjustments, I have to think about, ‘What will so-and-so think when I ask this question,’ or that one group will really like this particular documentary or a topic approached from this angle. And so there is, if you really pay attention to who you have in front of you, something to appreciate in the unexpected.”