Mr. Steve Long

Broadcasting Wayland to the World

 Steve Long Faculty

Steve Long grew up and graduated from high school in Oklahoma City, OK. After graduating from Oklahoma Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education in 1979, he began his teaching career in Frederick, OK, teaching music to first and third graders in the morning and teaching vocal music to high school students in the afternoon. Long spent five years in Frederick and met and married his wife Sandy during that time. In 1984 the couple moved to Ft. Worth, TX where Long attended graduate school at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“The communication program at Seminary was new and when I discovered it I knew that it was where I needed to be and we moved there,” Long said.  “I spent all my time while going to seminary, working with media and sound. That gave me the experience that I needed when I graduated.”

After graduating with a Master of Arts in Communication in 1986, Long began working for the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission as a TV producer for the ACTS Network.

“I worked with a lot of live and recorded TV programing while there. I was called to serve at Wayland in 1990,” Long recalled.  “After I came to Wayland, the ACTS Network became FamilyNet, which airs on Wayland’s TV channel 97.”

Long believes that Wayland is a great institution because its size allows media students to have an “hands-on experience in broadcasting and journalism that beats any other school.”

“We have a radio station, a TV station, and a student newspaper. We webcast all home games for the world to see,” Long said. “I was amazed when I found out that 4,000 people were watching our football webcast one year. Media Students are right in the middle of this and make it happen.”

In addition to teaching at Wayland, Long has also had the honor of working with the professional media team for Southern Baptist Convention meetings from 2001 to 2004, and for the Baptist General Convention of Texas from 1990-2014. He’s also been responsible for teaching and training Rotary Club members.

“Our Rotary District 5730 is about the size of the state of Illinois. I have had a great time training and teaching Rotary leaders in our area. I also get to talk about Wayland and our great students and programs.”

Long also added that he’s been asked to serve as the Rotary District Governor for 2019-2020.

“This is such an honor and will give me the opportunity to help 1,700 Rotarians serve the world in a meaningful way. I love teaching and I love to see students grow into fine adults with good jobs.”