Dr. Perry Collins

Helping Students Thrive

Dr. Perry Collins Faculty

Dr. Perry Collins grew up in Sweetwater, TX. In high school he wanted to go to college to be a missionary but later decided on youth ministry. After becoming overwhelmed with the amount of research papers he had to write while earning his undergraduate degree at Lubbock Christian University, he looked through the college’s catalog and decided to go with religion as his minor and psychology as his major. His reasoning behind this choice was that “it seemed interesting and seemed to have less research papers.”

“As immature as that sounds,” Collins said. “It is the truth but I have no regrets.”

After earning his undergraduate degree, Collins earned two Master’s degrees from Angelo State University and then his doctoral degree from Texas Tech University.

“After getting my doctoral degree, I started working at a mental health agency in Plainview and found out (Wayland) had a professor position that had become available.”

Collins said that he enjoys teaching because he’s a social person by nature and loves to tell stories from his own professional experiences.

“I also enjoy watching students learn and thrive and mature professionally.”

“I love Wayland because it feels like family and people seem genuinely concerned about each other,” Collins added.  “People seem to really care about the students as well.”

Collin’s wife, Dr. Cassondra Collins also teaches at Wayland and performs counseling duties within the Plainview community as well. The couple have three children, a daughter in high school, a son in middle school and a daughter in 4th grade. In his spare time Collins enjoys running, tennis and playing electric guitar.