Talyssa Valencia

A Passion for Science

Class of 2017

Talyssa Valencia Current

Talyssa Valencia, a graduating senior biology major from Lovington, NM, has had a busy but wonderful time at Wayland. She was a member of the women’s golf team her first two years and is currently serving as president of the Texas Academy of Sciences (TAS). After graduation, Valencia plans to apply to a physician assistant program in Texas and New Mexico.

On finding your dream

“Science has always been a passion of mine. My mom is a nurse, and I remember as a little girl looking at my mom’s text books and being fascinated by all the pictures and the human body. I have always wanted to be in the healthcare field for as long as I can remember. Sports were always another passion of mine throughout high school and I also participated in the women’s golf team my first two years at Wayland. So I thought why not do both and study exercise and sports science.”

On academic rigor

“The science curriculum here at Wayland is no joke. The professors are so smart and qualified at what they do, that they do not take it lightly on their students, and that is probably what I liked best about my classes was the challenge. I have learned so much in just the three years I have been here. Each and every class has prepared me for grad school and the career I am chasing.”

On the Wayland atmosphere

“Everyone is just so nice and encouraging and the Christian atmosphere makes me happy I chose a place like this. The student diversity here at Wayland is also so awesome! I have met people from just about everywhere in the world, and it's so cool being exposed to the cultural diversity.”

On Christian education

“There are not many schools where you can read from the Bible and say a prayer before class, but here at Wayland it’s the norm, at least in several classes I have been a part of. Wayland requires you to take two history classes from the Old and New Testament and they have been some of my favorite classes. My professor Dr. Shaw is great, and I learn so much more about the Bible that I had no idea about. The Christian education not only allowed me to learn more about the Bible, but to connect and get closer to Christ.”

On smaller class sizes

“At first, I was hesitant about the small class size because I was afraid it would remind me of high school too much, but I recommend the small class size. It’s an awesome feeling when your professors know you by name. The smaller class size allows you to have that one-on-one with your professor. They show that they really do care and it is also an easy way to meet new friends and new people!”

On the quality facilities

“Another great thing about the small class size, at least in my case as a biology major was the hands on experience I had in the labs. We have great resources here to learn hands on, rather than being in a text book the entire time, and I feel like that has benefitted me greatly. In two of my classes, we also had to the opportunity to take field trips for my field biology classes!”

On finding your excellence

“School has always been something I enjoyed because I love to learn new things. Besides learning a whole lot of science, I learned I am much more capable when I set mind to it. I have always been goal driven, but college was definitely on another level and studying biology is where I found my excellence and my passion.”