Justus Brozek

Art and Life

Class of 2018

Justus Brozek Current

Justus Brozek is a junior Two-Dimensional Art major from Bovina, TX. In addition to his studies, he’s also involved with Baptist Student Ministries, leading a small group, as well as working with a youth mentoring program based out of the Wayland Mission Center.

After graduation, Brozek plans to attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree in painting and teach while working on his painting career.

On the quality faculty

“I love all the professors here at Wayland, I have honestly not met one that I did not like especially in the art department.  Dr. Keller is an absolutely amazing painter and she can make full photorealistic paintings in about an hour, it's phenomenal.  Mr. Hilliard is an amazing potter and he can make any sort of vessel he wants in a matter of just a few pulls.  It is ridiculously frustrating when you sit on a wheel for an hour and turn a lump of clay into a somehow less beautiful and a lot wetter ball of clay.  Mr. Walker is a great professor who is really trying to prepare students for what it is like to be involved in the arts in this increasingly digital world.”

On finding your excellence

“I have improved so much as an artist since coming to Wayland, it has been amazing to have the tutelage and mentorship of Dr. Keller and the other Art faculty.  You have this wonderful environment of people who are all wanting to get better and who are encouraging you to do the same.  It has been a huge blessing and I love being a part of the art department.”

On Christian education

“I love that Wayland has this emphasis on Christian education not just in religion classes but in most classes.  As Christians we are called to take God with us wherever we go not just leave Him in the church building and Wayland really represents that.  Since coming to Wayland I have grown greatly in my faith and in my relationship with God because of the way He is emphasized in everything the university does.”

On experiential learning

“I love the opportunities Wayland gives to do hands on learning, we really get to do some amazing things.  I am taking an iron-pour class this semester and we spent the first half building wax sculptures and then we went to Tucumcari, New Mexico and got to personally pour molten iron into the molds we made over the week and now we have iron sculptures.  It taught me so much about how to design sculpture in a way that just talking about it can’t and next year I will definitely correct some of the mistakes I have made.”