Christine Lockridge

Sharing Christ's Love with Other Cultures

Class of 2018

Christine Lockridge Current

Christine Lockridge is a junior non-traditional student double majoring in Intercultural Missions and Communications Studies. Originally hailing from Montpelier, VA, Lockridge has spent the last 14 years in Plainview. While she’s not entirely sure what life will bring her after graduation, she hopes to find a job where she can interact with people of different cultures, nationalities and languages.

“I find immense joy experiencing different traditions, and understanding people according to their customs; it is my passion, and how I share the love of Jesus Christ.”

On academic rigor

“Wayland has uncovered this zeal in me, and edified my natural talents and abilities. The classes offered are stimulating, intense, and challenging; led by amazing, competent, professors. The value of these classes are not limited to a degree plan, but are applicable to everyday life. By pairing Intercultural Missions with Communication Studies, I have not only learned how to respectfully interact with different cultures, but understand the basic human principles that drive us to intermingle and communicate, as well as, how and why we interact.”

On the Wayland faculty

“Dr. (Yahui) Zhang, native of Xi’an China and professor of Communication Studies, is the ‘jade’ of Wayland. I was honored to accompany her to China for an intercultural communication class. For three weeks, Dr. Zhang showed us her homeland, as well as how to communicate with a language barrier; teaching us the importance of how understanding the history and cultural of people, not language alone, is essential to communicating.”

On smaller classes

“The small classes have enabled me to excel, even in subjects I struggle in, such as math. Honestly, I would not have been able to continue my education without the small classes and professors at Wayland because of math alone. Due to the low teacher/student ratio, my math professor was able to answer endless emails and questions, showering me in encouragement and support, as I cried my way through algebra.  I am proud to say that I made an “A” in math thanks to Dr. Faucett’s diligence.”