Aimee Brooks

Sharing the Gospel through Art

Class of 2018

 Aimee Brooks Current

Aimee, Brooks, a junior Three-Dimensional Art major from Lubbock, TX, originally came to Wayland to study music. However last summer while she was serving on the Rec Team, she began to feel called to change her major.

“God gave me a vision for my life of sharing the Gospel through pottery, a metaphor that’s used in the Bible several times,” Brooks said. “I had taken my first ceramics class the previous spring and had absolutely fallen in love with clay. I stayed a music major for one more semester after that but then changed to Three-Dimensional Studio Art. I feel that now I can walk freely in excellence, doing what God has called me to do.”

In addition to her studies, Brooks still plays tenor saxophone in the jazz band and bass clarinet in the Symphonic band. She also serves on the BSM leadership team, Stonebridge Fellowship’s Women’s Ministry team and is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi. After graduation, Brooks is considering either pursuing a MFA so she can teach ceramics at the college level or pursuing a Master’s in Education or alternative teacher certification so she can teach art at the high school level. Either way, her education and experience at Wayland has paved the way to a bright future.

On academic rigor

“My classes at Wayland have been captivating and challenging. I feel like my education here has made me a more well-rounded person. From the religion department that has helped me solidify the facts behind my faith to English classes that taught me about life through literature, my classes have definitely helped me grow as a person.”

On Christian education

“I knew from about junior year of high school that I wanted to continue my Christian education. Honestly I didn’t think that it was going to be possible with the cost of tuition but Wayland made Christian education affordable through some fantastic scholarships. I loved my religion classes. Learning from a historical and theological standpoint made all the difference in the way I see the Bible and the world. Chapel is also a fantastic way for everyone to connect through worship and the Gospel once a week.”

On experiential learning

“My classes at Wayland have truly helped me learn rather than just memorize and regurgitate facts. My Music Theory class in particular really shows what Wayland learning is all about. Dr. Stutes and Dr. Strovas teach on a technique then the students write out concept pages, basically our own textbook, filled with our own explanations and diagrams. The class incorporated lectures, projects, listening exercises, and aural training that prepared music students to excel in their ensembles and comprehend the math behind the music.  Every class that I’ve taken has been filled with thoughtful papers, projects, and research. As a hands on learner, I really appreciate the way that Wayland appeals to alternative learning rather than just sitting in lectures and taking tests. Recently I took Iron Casting for Sculptors and was able to go on a trip to Tucumcari, New Mexico, to study with students and other participants at Mesalands Community College. Partnering with this wonderful resource gave me and my classmates the ability to have our first iron casting experience and meet other artists, forming ever so important connections in the art world. Overall Wayland seeks to create lasting learning experiences with valuable skills that will carry over into our job fields.”