Mary and Tim Fisher

Finding Success in the Arts


 Mary and Tim Fisher

When Mary Feril and Tim Fisher came to Wayland in 2003, they both found themselves in Wayland’s School of Fine Arts where they joined the theatre program. While at Wayland, the two pursued their dreams of theatre and spent several years as active students. Married in 2011, the Fishers live in Chicago, near other Wayland alumni, where they continue to pursue their dreams.

Mary, a 2009 graduate, moved to Ohio shortly after graduation and took a position as a part-time assistant at The Limited, a women's clothing franchise. Once there, she rose through the company ranks, moving to Chicago to work as the general manager of the company’s top store. Continuing to pursue career goals, Mary now works as a marketing account manager--an achievement she credits to the lessons she learned at Wayland.  

 “So much of what I appreciate is easy to frame up within my degree and what we did in our degree,” she says. “I think that obviously being a theatre major and working very heavily in that department you understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go in there and how it feels that every memory has something of that in it.”

Mary recalls these memories with a sense of fondness, noting that Wayland students and faculty members became a supportive family--a family that encouraged her to reach for higher goals and pursue personal excellence.

 “For me [Wayland] felt so much like a home and everyone felt so much like a family…. I appreciate the holistic education that you get; Wayland provides you with such a comprehensive background in order to go out and do what you need to do--not only do you have the skillset to do it, you have the mentality that you need to go and conquer.”

Tim, a 2008 graduate, also remembers his time at Wayland fondly. Many of their experiences took place in Wayland’s Black Box Theatre, where students and faculty alike worked tirelessly to create countless productions and to pursue excellence in the arts.

“The people in charge were doing really good work and so you were working on these very worthwhile things,” Tim recalls. “When they were done, they were something you were really proud to have been a part of. It was really intense; it made you feel like you really accomplished something.”

Having received a Master of Science in Cinema Production, Tim continues to accomplish great things. And, the many lessons and skills Tim learned at Wayland are now a foundation for his most recent position as a marketing coordinator specialist in photography and videography.

“I'm involved in technical production on almost a daily basis in various forms– I'm involved in lighting design and set-up, sound design, stage direction, and even occasionally the work of a director; all translated into the disciplines of video production and studio photography for the company where I work.”

While Mary and Tim are pursuing different career goals in the arts, they both continue to stay closely connected to the stage. Recently, Mary has acted in a short independent film called Four Square, which also featured other Wayland alumni. In Chicago, she has appeared on several stage productions, including Columbus, OH--Right Ho, Jeeves as Madeline Bassett, and Same Time Next Year as Doris. Meanwhile, Tim’s latest productions include Sweeney Todd where he took the role of Jonas Fodd and The Nerd where he played the character of Willum Cubbert.

While their time at Wayland has come to a close, Mary and Tim believe that Wayland will forever play its own role in their lives--a testament to the students, faculty, and staff who make Wayland Baptist University a place of exemplary learning.

“It’s so easy to want to sum up Wayland as a southern-Baptist, Christian, private university and think ‘oh, this is what I’m getting,’ but when you get out there and compare yourself to other people's education, it’s so much better, especially in terms of what it has in the arts”