Matthew Evans

Prepare for the Future, Live in the Present


Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in religion with an emphasis on missions in 2014. Shortly afterward, he headed to South Brazil on a mission trip to do college ministry through the International Mission Board. He plans to attend graduate school, hopefully at Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary. Matthew is willing, however, to go “wherever God takes [him].”

Evans came to Wayland from Marble Falls Texas, because he heard about a great missions program. From his first time on campus for Big Weekend, he says he “already felt like a part of the Wayland family.” During that visit, Matthew’s grandmother began to feel faint. A faculty member rushed to her aid with a chair, bottle of water, and snacks while he registered for classes. Right then, he knew that Wayland was a place where people “truly care for you.” That support and love continued from the time he started classes in the fall 2011 semester all the way through his final semester. Evans states that he is very grateful God sent him to Wayland.

Evans also strongly believes that “Wayland has provided a fantastic foundation of spirituality and academics to be able to go straight into the mission field, and to be able to succeed if I choose to go to graduate school.” His advice to other new alumni and his fellow graduates is to “live in the here and now.”

“I have so many bright things coming in the future, like Brazil and seminary,” he said. “So much so that I was living too far in the future, just wishing it could be here already. However, I was missing the blessings of the present that God had for me right now. Yes, those things are amazing, but right now should be just as amazing because this is the day that the Lord has made, and we should rejoice and be glad in it. Do not live so much in the future or the past that you miss out on life in the present.”