Kyler Templeton

Memories and Experience Will Last a Lifetime


Kyler Templeton

Kyler Templeton earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management Composite with a Specialization in Sports Medicine from Wayland in May of 2014. He’s currently the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Lubbock Monterey High School where he has direct oversight of the young athletes and supervises the student athletic trainers.

Templeton hopes to continue working in a high school setting and one day earn his Master’s Degree in Athletic Training.

“I want to one day become a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer and possibly work in Major League Baseball.”

Templeton went on to say that Wayland helped him get into the Athletic Training field since his high school didn’t have an Athletic Training program.

“The Athletic Trainers I worked under (Jason Pirkey, Kelsey Deerinwater, Alexandra Bacon, Landon Schumacher, Erica Kelly and Stewart Swafford) taught me so much from lectures, practices and games, or just from random conversations on bus rides to and from games. I felt very confident in my skills and knowledge once I graduated and went straight to work.”

During his time at Wayland, Templeton also served as a Resident Advisor for three years at the now retired McDonald Hall, and two years at Jimmy Dean Hall.

“I really enjoyed that because I got to work with a lot of different people as RAs, ones that before I took the position I didn’t talk to very much. But once I got to work with them, I gained new lifelong friends because sometimes we would work shifts together so we would all watch the same shows on TV or participate in similar activities. I definitely walked out of Wayland Baptist University with more friends than I expected.”

In addition to his work as a Resident Advisor, Templeton also did radio commentary for the Pioneer Baseball team.

“I got to call so many great games, including pitching gems and outstanding showings at the plate for the hitters. During my senior year I was able to call both during the final home game of the season when the Pioneers battled long-time top team of the Sooner Athletic Conference, Oklahoma City University. Tom Bailey, who now pitches for the Perth Heat of Australia and a personal friend of mine, pitched one of the best games of his career on his Senior Day. That game was won by Gaby De La Cruz, another personal friend, on a walk-off home run that I want to say went over the Hutch! That was one of my favorite memories at Wayland and definitely one that I’ll never forget.”