Chris Kirby

Motivated by Music

Class of 2013

Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby graduated with a degree in Vocal Music Education in 2013 from Wayland.

He’s now the choir director at Estacado Middle School in Plainview. Since then, the school’s women’s choir has won at sweepstakes and in 2016 the choir has had two Division I victories.

When he’s not conducting the award-winning choir, Kirby hopes to one day earn his master’s in Music Education or conducting, then later a Doctorate degree in conducting.

“Wayland gave me the tools I needed to do well in my career,” Kirby said. “I didn’t feel like others who feel lost when they first start to teach choir. Granted there were still things to learn but I feel like I came out of Wayland knowing what I need to know.”

One of Kirby’s favorite memories from his time at Wayland was going to the soccer field, known as “the bowl,” and go sledding whenever it would snow.