Kiana Bullard Brown

Teaching Others to Love Thy Neighborhood


Kianna Bullard Brown

In 2010, Kiana (Bullard) Brown graduated from Wayland with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Now, Kiana serves as the Operations Administrator for Love Thy Neighborhood, a social justice internship and Christian community program, in Louisville Kentucky--a mission supported by her years at Wayland.  

In her senior year, Brown was awarded the Wayland Female Citizenship award.

“I was surprised and honored. All my favorite memories include spending time with fellow students and faculty. Wayland was the perfect place for me to meet new people and develop lasting relationships.”  

This same dedication to building relationships and serving communities helped Brown during her time as an intern in Kentucky where she eventually transitioned into a staff position--an opportunity that has allowed her to achieve great things.

“The Executive Director of LTN and I launched the organization. We started a 501(c)3 from the ground up and I'm pretty proud of that.”

Now a thriving community, Love Thy Neighborhood continues to grow and Brown continues to dedicate her time to serving those around her.  

“Our nonprofit continues to grow and our plans for the future are to partner with more nonprofits, have more young adults serving, and branch out to be multi-city.”

Recalling her time at Wayland, Brown notes that the lessons she learned and the skills she gained at WBU became the foundation for her future career--something she will never forget.

“My current position deals with lots of details, logistics, and coordinating lots of different moving parts. During my time at Wayland with classes, work, extracurricular activities, etc I was always learning how to balance all of that and it definitely has paid off in my current job.”