Conner Carpenter

Prepared for the Future

Class of 2016


Conner Rane Carpenter graduated from Wayland in 2016 with a double major in intercultural missions and biology. He currently serves at Spring Creek Baptist Church in Waco as a pastor and is attending Truett Seminary at Baylor to pursue his Master of Divinity degree with a specialization in missions.

Carpenter states that Wayland prepared him in many ways not only for his current position as pastor, but also for his studies at seminary.

“The religion professors, especially Dr. Lowin and Dr. Shaw, taught me many invaluable lessons and gave me guidance throughout my undergraduate journey,” Carpenter said. “Also, working at the BSM under Donnie Brown provided me with great ministry experience. From professional instruction to spiritual encouragement, all of my professors at Wayland were willing to help.”

Carpenter also said that he hopes to pursue God’s calling in his life and be a missionary or pastor wherever he’s called, and to increase his language skills in German, Spanish (which he minored in), Portuguese and Chinese.

“My favorite memories from Wayland have to be pranks in the dorms with my roommates: Albert Oliveira, Jerrell Shepperd, and Andrew Reynolds. I also have a lot of fun memories on trips to track meets,” Carpenter recalled. “Of course, what a great time it was to meet my beautiful wife, Kenzee Carpenter, and spend many sweet hours with her in the lobby of Owen. These times were great, exciting, and I will remember them forever. However, I think the best memory of all would have to be serving as the BSM President, where I was able to see a dedicated group of people working to come closer to God as they learned to share the Gospel in different environments.”